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Memorial Tournament 2015 Results

Thank you to all those who participated in and helped out with the Steve Hodgson Memorial Tournament this year. We hope everyone had an enjoyable time.

Congratulations again to our tournament winners: Elisey (rapier), John (single-sword) and of course longsword, spear, and overall tournament champion Patch. Also, a huge thanks to our sponsor for donating to the prize pool!

For more photos, check out the tournament gallery.

Of course any event of this size requires some magic behind the scenes to make it all happen. The committee would like to thank the individuals below for their efforts to make the tournament a success:

  • Daniel, Hugh, AJ, Ben, Ange, David B (marshals and line judges – a tough job indeed)
  • Steve and Arna (catering)
  • Ellie and Dave (registration)
  • Roman (scorekeeper)

To everyone: we hope to see you all back again next year!

Memorial Tournament Photos

Here are some of the best photos from the Steve Hodgson Memorial tournament. Many thanks to all who participated and helped out. A big thanks goes to Ian Neilson who did a great job with the filming and photography. There are over 600 photos and if you want see all of them head on over to Ian’s web gallery.

Steve Hodgson Memorial Tournament 2015 Announced!

It’s back, bigger and better than last year! Auckland Sword and Shield are holding the Steve Hodgson Memorial Tournament again in 2015. The date has been set for the 8th of August so circle the day in your calendars and start preparing. The tournament is open to all members of HEMA and re-enactment clubs in New Zealand and internationally.

The format will be similar to last year. It will feature four King-of-the-Hill (Franco-Belgian) contests with different weapons (sword, longsword, rapier, and spear).  A new spear contest has been added this year to cater for spear and quarterstaff aficionados.

The overall tournament champion will be the person with the greatest number of victories across all four contests. The more contests you enter, the better your chances.

Details for the tournament (times and rules etc) can be found here.

Finally, what could be better after a hard afternoons fighting than a hearty meal? Following the tournament will be the Steve Hodgson Memorial Feast. Tournament players and spectators are welcome to join the feast. Details here.


Dall’agocchie’s Stepping in the Guards

Dall’agocchie’s “Stepping in the Guards” is a good way to practice common cuts whilst moving through a selection of guards. It is a solo form that you can practice yourself and use to become more fluid. You can see it being performed in the following video:

The full text description from Dall’aggocchie’s manual is given below:

Suppose you have your sword at your left side, in the act of laying hand upon it, and the heel of your right foot near your left one. Both your knees will be straight and not bowed, arranging yourself with as much grace as possible.

Having done this, you’ll put your right foot forward toward your right side, and in that tempo you’ll extend your arm and do a falso, and a riverso sgualimbro; or do two riversi, the first tondo and the second likewise sgualimbro; thereby going with your sword into coda lunga stretta.

And from here you’ll step forward with your left foot toward your left side, doing a falso and mandritto sgualimbro in that instant, and the sword will fall into cinghiale porta di ferro.

And then you’ll go forward one pace with your right foot, and in that tempo you’ll turn a dritto tramazzone, which will end in porta di ferro stretta.

Then you’ll advance with your left foot, doing a falso, and a riverso sgualimbro, and the sword will go into coda lunga alta.

Then you’ll step forward with your right foot and in the same tempo you’ll throw a riverso ridoppio, stopping the sword in guardia d’alicorno.

And being fixed in the said guard you’ll drive an imbroccata without any taking any step, and the sword will stop in porta di ferro stretta.

From here you’ll withdraw your right foot a pace, and all in one tempo you’ll execute a falso and a riverso sgualimbro, and the sword will return to coda lunga alta.

Then you’ll draw your left foot back, and next turn a mandritto tramazzone, which will end in porta di ferro stretta.

Then you’ll return your right foot back a pace, turning a dritto tramazzone in that tempo, with which you’ll fall into cinghiale porta di ferro.

And from here, you’ll draw the left foot back, doing a falso and riverso sgualimbro in that instant, and the sword will return to coda lunga stretta, and thus you’ll be returned to the same place with the same guards.


Steve Hodgson Memorial Tournament 2014 Results

The Steve Hodgson Memorial Tournament was well attended and we had a number of entries from outside the club as well as a large contingent of spectators. The format/rules were generally well received and Auckland Sword and Shield look forward to hosting the event next year and we will be doing our best to make it better still.

Thank you to all the local clubs and also the few international visitors who came along and participated. Thank you also to our volunteers (marshals, referees, and general helpers) who made the event possible.

The results are:

Overall Champion

Michael (Big Mac) Scott – Auckland Sword and Shield

Single Sword Champion

Michael (Big Mac) Scott – Auckland Sword and Shield

Rapier Champion

Roger Kay – Auckland Sword and Shield

Longsword Champion

Liam – Argent Lords

Photos coming soon!

HEMA-2 Grading

Matt, John, and Mike underwent their mid-course HEMA-2 assessment. Here are some photos from that day.

Steve Hodgson Tournament Announced

Time to sharpen your sparring skills. The Steve Hodgson Tournament is coming on the 9th of August! After the tournament there will be a feast on the same night. For more details click here.


Club Clothing Now Available!

If you want to look the part at training check out the club’s online clothing store. There are t-shirts, hoodies, and small gear bags in a range of colours. The company that prints them is a New Zealand company near Wellington. The clothing is of excellent quality and delivery is very fast. T-Shirts cost $35 + postage and hoodies are $55 + postage.

New Training Syllabus

For those of you you haven’t visited us for a while, the club has now developed and implemented a new training syllabus. For more details check out the the training overview.