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Memorial Tournament Photos

Here are some of the best photos from the Steve Hodgson Memorial tournament. Many thanks to all who participated and helped out. A big thanks goes to Ian Neilson who did a great job with the filming and photography. There are over 600 photos and if you want see all of them head on over to Ian’s web gallery.

Memorial Tournament Countdown!

Are you ready?

The Steve Hodgson Memorial Tournament takes place this Saturday.  For those of you planning to enter make sure you register online. This will help us with organisation on the day and reduce waiting times on Saturday morning.

We are expecting to get 30-40 combatants on the day from several clubs in the region including Auckland Sword and Shield, the Argent Lords, and the SCA. Don’t miss out – it’s a great opportunity for the clubs in the region to get together and demonstrate their skills.



Yes, we are playing for prizes and we have some good ones this year:

  • For the winner of the Sword section there is a AUD$125 voucher from the
  • For the winner of the Longsword section there is a AUD$125 voucher from the
  • For the winner of the Rapier section we have the book Italian Rapier Combat by Jared Kirby.
  • For the winner of the Spear section we have the book The Fighting Staff by Dwight C. McLemore.
  • For the overall champion there is a AUD$125 voucher from the

What Now?

If you want to enter and play for prizes – please register and then just make sure your weapons and gear are ready to go. We’ll Facebook and email more information later in the week.



July Grading Results

Congratulations to all our club members who graded in HEMA-1 and Bolognese Sidesword today. Also a big thank you to all the instructors and senior students who pitched in to help with grading and teaching our new students.

In HEMA-1 the following people graded successfully this week: Mel, Chris, Mark, Brian, and Ian. The standard of this class has been very high this term. A special mention goes out to Daniel who fell just short this term but showed marked improvement during sparring.

In HEMA-2 – Bolognese Sidesword the following people graded successfully this week: Leon, Greg, Nelly, Roman, Ellie, and Jack. The remainder of the class are scheduled to complete grading this coming Thursday. A special mention goes out to both Roman and Greg for knowing the Italian names of the Bolognese guards. Nice one guys!

For all those who are in HEMA-2 next term: If you haven’t done so yet please let Daniel Wyatt know whether you want to Longsword or Spear next term. Unfortunately you can’t do both! Spaces are limited in both classes so don’t delay.




NZ Sword Symposium

If you haven’t heard already the first New Zealand Sword Symposium will be held in Wellington on October the 9th-11th this year. This is your chance to meet some of the world and NZ’s best WMA instructors.  A number of senior members of planning to attend and if you are serious about improving your HEMA skills then it’s not something you want to miss.

Event details here.


Steve Hodgson Memorial Tournament 2015 Announced!

It’s back, bigger and better than last year! Auckland Sword and Shield are holding the Steve Hodgson Memorial Tournament again in 2015. The date has been set for the 8th of August so circle the day in your calendars and start preparing. The tournament is open to all members of HEMA and re-enactment clubs in New Zealand and internationally.

The format will be similar to last year. It will feature four King-of-the-Hill (Franco-Belgian) contests with different weapons (sword, longsword, rapier, and spear).  A new spear contest has been added this year to cater for spear and quarterstaff aficionados.

The overall tournament champion will be the person with the greatest number of victories across all four contests. The more contests you enter, the better your chances.

Details for the tournament (times and rules etc) can be found here.

Finally, what could be better after a hard afternoons fighting than a hearty meal? Following the tournament will be the Steve Hodgson Memorial Feast. Tournament players and spectators are welcome to join the feast. Details here.


Masterclass – Meyer’s Longsword

This coming Sunday (the 26th) Auckland Sword and Shield will be running a master class on Longsword. Ben Halliwell, our resident Longsword expert, will be will teaching the class.

Due to the club’s rapidly growing size the class we will struggle to have enough longswords for everyone. If you have your own longsword – steel or synthetic please bring it along and also suitable protective gear.

If we don’t have enough longswords for everyone we will also offer the standard HEMA-1 class and also a special Italian sidesword class.

Check out the video below to see what longsword fighting is like. The clip is from the finals of Swordfish 2014.




Kumeu Militaria Show

Auckland Sword and Shield was an exhibitor at the recent Kumeu Militaria Show. We put on a number of displays throughout the day – including training sessions, test cutting, and demonstration fights. Here are some photos of a group fighting session later in the day.

Taupo Medieval Faire

Members of the club in action in at the Taupo Medieval Faire 2015.

Master Class – George Silver Grips

This coming Sunday (the 15th) Auckland Sword and Shield will be running a master class on George Silver, specifically looking at various techniques for using the off hand for grappling. Kimble Vowless will be will teaching the class – he has around 20 years experience in HEMA and his knowledge of the Silver fighting style is arguably second to none within the club.

Anyone is welcome to come along – including people members of the public wanting to give swordplay a go.

This class doesn’t happen often (around once per year). If you miss out now it’s a long wait till the next one…

Check out the video below for a taster. The grip techniques start at around 3 minutes into the video.




Steve Hodgson Memorial Tournament 2014 Results

The Steve Hodgson Memorial Tournament was well attended and we had a number of entries from outside the club as well as a large contingent of spectators. The format/rules were generally well received and Auckland Sword and Shield look forward to hosting the event next year and we will be doing our best to make it better still.

Thank you to all the local clubs and also the few international visitors who came along and participated. Thank you also to our volunteers (marshals, referees, and general helpers) who made the event possible.

The results are:

Overall Champion

Michael (Big Mac) Scott – Auckland Sword and Shield

Single Sword Champion

Michael (Big Mac) Scott – Auckland Sword and Shield

Rapier Champion

Roger Kay – Auckland Sword and Shield

Longsword Champion

Liam – Argent Lords

Photos coming soon!