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SHMT2019 Registration NOW OPEN

Registration for the Steve Hodgson Memorial Tournament 2019 is now open and you can register here:


The Steve Hodgson Memorial Tournament is the biggest HEMA competition in NZ.  We are expecting more than 45 competitors from all around NZ this year.

This tournament is geared to put fun, participation, and demonstration of skills ahead of winning at all costs. Novice players are encouraged to enter to improve their skills fighting under pressure and to encounter fighting styles from multiple clubs. Experienced players are encouraged to demonstrate their skills and technique while resisting the urge to ‘play it safe’.


Summer Tournament wash-up – change of date & venue

Firstly, thanks to everyone who participated, helped organise, helped out, or just plain turned up to the Summer Tournament. It was a successful event, with Sword and Shield surprisingly overtaking Longsword as the most popular competition!

The Tournament de-brief meeting will now be held at the Meola Rd scout hall this coming Thu, 21 Feb. All comers are welcome – your feedback will make next Tournament greater still!

The committee meeting will be held on a separate evening, either Tue 26th or Thu 28th Feb – watch FB for confirmed date, time & location (or ask your friendly committee members). Club members are welcome to attend; if you wish to bring up any club business for the committee meeting, please let the Secretary know beforehand (

Also, if anyone took any photos that we could put up on our website, feel free to get in touch…

Important Notice about HEMA-1 Training

To our current and future HEMA-ists;

HEMA-1 training will now be run as block courses, with set start dates. Each block will run for eight weeks, with the intention to hold gradings on the ninth week, should the students be prepared. Usually the next HEMA-1 block will begin on the tenth week.

The main reason for this, is to give HEMA-1 students the attention, learning and progress they deserve, and helps the instructors plan and deliver more structured lessons (which helps the students leanr and progress better too!).

The next HEMA-1 block will begin 17th March. Check out the event on Facebook, or inquire through the Auckland Sword and Shield website.

If you have any questions about this new style of training, do not hesitate to speak to the instructors in person, or inquire directly through the Auckland Sword and Shield website.

Best regards, Your Committee.

Happy Christmas!

It’s finally the end of the year, and Summer’s… here?

As much as we love Christmas time, it sadly heralds the end of the training year also. So, some important things to note:

Sat 15 Dec is the End of Year Social. Catch up with your fellow swords-persons over a couple fights, sausages and beers*! Meet us at the Meola Rd Scout Hall, Westmere, any time between 1pm and 8pm.

*Some sausages and beer will be provided. All post-beer bashings will be with be conducted with foam weapons.

Sun 16 Dec is our final training day for the year. It will commence with a HEMA-1 grading and end with FUN! Come help out and hang out!

Official training will recommence Sun 13 Jan with HEMA-2 Small Sword.

Have a great Christmas, stay safe and see you all at the End of Year Social

Tournament Results

A Big Thank You to Everyone

The Memorial Tournament was our largest yet (45 competitors) and we had great participation from 7 HEMA clubs from Whangarei all the way to Christchurch. Within Auckland Sword and Shield we consider this tournament to be our best yet and it would not have been half as good without the skills and enthusiasm that were on display during the day. We look forward to seeing you all back next year.


The Medal Winners and Overall Champion

The tournament was fought over 6 sections with a trophy awarded to the overall winner:

  • Synthetic Sidesword: Mark Hobbs – AS&S
  • Steel Sidesword: Greg Ford – AS&S
  • Mixed Weapons: Dmytro Kopylov – AS&S
  • Longsword: Dominic Sanerivi – Whangarei MCC
  • Beginners: Liam Cairns – AS&S
  • Spear: Greg Ford – AS&S

Congratulations to all our winners.

Registration Now Open

Auckland Sword and Shield are bringing together two awesome HEMA Tournaments for the weekend of the 18th and 19th of August.

It will consist of the Memorial Tournament on Saturday and follows more or less the same format as last year. LATE CHANGE: We have decided to postpone “The Provocation” till next year, we need more time to organise it properly. In it’s place we will be organising a Sword and Shield tournament and also various games – pretty much like last year.


Holiday Training News

Merry Christmas everyone! The last official training session for the year will be this Sunday the 17th. Out last session will be informal and involve some games and sparring followed some by food and (non-alcoholic) drinks. If you are coming along, please remember bring a plate (some finger food) or something to drink.

There will be no official training sessions over the holiday period. However, there will very likely be unofficial training sessions on Sundays and Thursdays at the Meola Road scout hall. To find out if someone will be at the hall please post a message on our Facebook discussion group.

Official training will restart again on the 14th of January. In the new year we will start with a Sword and Shield course run by Greg and  after that we will be doing the very popular Spear course again with Daniel Wyatt.

Also, don’t forget there will be no official training on Auckland Anniversary weekend.

Memorial Tournament is Almost Here

Greetings to club members and fellow HEMA practitioners. The Steve Hodgson Memorial tournament is nearly upon us. If you have planning to enter then please register now (button below). For your $35 dollars you get two days of serious fun and then not-so-serious games, and lunch is included on both days.

Spectators are most welcome, so please feel free to come along and see some awesome martial skills in action. All we ask for is a gold coin donation.

Please note the rules have had some minor revisions, if you have already registered please download the updated rules and make sure you are happy with the changes.


New Training Venue Found!

After over 2 years of looking and numerous trials, the club has found a new venue for Sunday training. The new venue is the Takapuna Normal Intermediate School (26 Northcote Road – enter from Taharoto Road).

It’s very handy to the motorway and along with it being a larger space there is also plenty of parking, storage, and outside areas that can be used.

Our plan is to be there for the next 6 months at least so there will be no confusion about the location from now on. We will be at Takapuna Normal from the 25th of June till the end of the year and perhaps longer.


Winter Training Schedule

The winter training schedule for the club is as follows:


Beginners training will continue on Sundays from 10AM-12PM with sparring from 12-1PM. The venue will be Kumgang Taekwondo at 35 Porana Road for the 11th and 18th of June. From the 25th it will likely still be Porana Road but please check the website for updates.

Capoferro’s Rapier – 11th June till September

Proponents of Italian fencing rejoice! Discover how to ‘find’ your opponent’s sword, perform a ‘butchering’, and the deadly simplicity of the ‘one true guard’.

Starting on the June 11th, Roger and Ange will be teaching an interpretation of Capoferro’s Rapier. Please bring your rapier if you have one. If you don’t have one we will be using the club’s longswords as an acceptable alternative. After 8 weeks of Capoferro you will have quads of steel and perhaps be able to reliably hit a postage stamp on a wall with your point.

Tournament Training

The tournament is not far away now and we will be using sparring time to train judges. You will also have plenty of opportunities to improve your sparring skills at the same time. All sparring will be done with judges so members can get used to judging and also get used to having bouts judged.