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2019 Annual General Meeting – Agenda

REMINDER: The AGM is 2 weeks away, on April 7th. Agenda as follows:

Executive officer’s reports
Vote in new committee
New business: Beginner’s tournament
New business: Revised constitution
New business: Adoption of Rugby Concussion Protocol
New business: New non-executive committee position: Event manager
New business: Change of minimum training age
Other new business

A copy of the financial report and the proposed revised constitution is found on Auckland Sword & Shield – Members Only Facebook page, or can be emailed by request to

Traditionally, only fully-paid members are allowed to vote so make sure you pay your fees!
Auckland Sword and Shield
Use your name as reference

See y’all there!

Annual General Meeting: 7 April 2019

Club members;

This year’s AGM is fast approaching! The AGM will be held at Takapuna Normal Intermediate School (our usual training site), starting at 10am.

This also means your fees are due! Annual fees are $200 and can be paid directly to the Club’s account:

Auckland Sword and Shield Society, 38-9017-0033299-00. Remember to use your name in particulars, and ‘club fees’ as reference.

If you have any items you wish to be discussed at the AGM, email The agenda will be published two weeks before the AGM.

See you all there!

AS&S Committee Meeting

Hello again club members;

The committee meeting will be held at Steamheads at Hauraki Corner (near Takapuna) on Tues 26th Feb (this coming Tues) from 6.30pm. All are welcome to attend.

If you have any items you wish to discuss with the committee, please notify the club secretary via email,

Important Notice about HEMA-1 Training

To our current and future HEMA-ists;

HEMA-1 training will now be run as block courses, with set start dates. Each block will run for eight weeks, with the intention to hold gradings on the ninth week, should the students be prepared. Usually the next HEMA-1 block will begin on the tenth week.

The main reason for this, is to give HEMA-1 students the attention, learning and progress they deserve, and helps the instructors plan and deliver more structured lessons (which helps the students leanr and progress better too!).

The next HEMA-1 block will begin 17th March. Check out the event on Facebook, or inquire through the Auckland Sword and Shield website.

If you have any questions about this new style of training, do not hesitate to speak to the instructors in person, or inquire directly through the Auckland Sword and Shield website.

Best regards, Your Committee.