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Christmas and New Year Training Schedule

Bolognese Sword and Dagger is almost over (last class this Sunday the 6th). Here’s what we have coming up:

  • 6th of November: Last Bolognese Sword and Dagger class.
  • 13th of November: Club tournament. Come along and test your skills (hopefully with Sword and Dagger section).
  • 20th of November: Daniels Quarterstaff course starts (more details to follow).
  • 18th of December: Last training session for the year.
  • 15th of January: Quarterstaff classes begin again.

There will be no official training sessions over the holiday period. However, there will very likely be unofficial training sessions on Sundays and Thursdays. To find out if someone will be at the hall post a message on our Facebook discussion group.

If you need to check the dates for training, then check out the training calendar to see what’s on and when.

New Synthetic Sideswords are Here!

The club now has a number of Blackfencer Sideswords which are available for use in our training sessions. These have almost exactly the same weight and balance as a steel sword and bind much better than the club’s existing Rawlings swords. If you haven’t had chance to try one out come along on Thursdays or Sundays and take one for a spin.

Initial reports from members who have used them or bought one are very favourable. If you want one for yourself please ask someone on the committee – there may be one or two left available for club members only.

Don’t worry if you miss out we will be doing another order very soon.

Masterclass – Meyer’s Longsword

This coming Sunday (the 26th) Auckland Sword and Shield will be running a master class on Longsword. Ben Halliwell, our resident Longsword expert, will be will teaching the class.

Due to the club’s rapidly growing size the class we will struggle to have enough longswords for everyone. If you have your own longsword – steel or synthetic please bring it along and also suitable protective gear.

If we don’t have enough longswords for everyone we will also offer the standard HEMA-1 class and also a special Italian sidesword class.

Check out the video below to see what longsword fighting is like. The clip is from the finals of Swordfish 2014.