NZ Sword Symposium

If you haven’t heard already the first New Zealand Sword Symposium will be held in Wellington on October the 9th-11th this year. This is your chance to meet some of the world and NZ’s best WMA instructors.  A number of senior members of planning to attend and if you are serious about improving your HEMA skills then it’s not something you want to miss.

Event details here.


Dall’agocchie’s Second Solo Form

Dall’agocchies’s second form is less well known than his first but is more useful. It runs through a number of responses to simple attacks. Practicing this form will help you commit the responses to muscle memory and then be able to reproduce them without thinking during sparring. Ilkka Hartikainen’s video below explains how it is performed. If you are struggling with the Italian fencing terms there is a glossary here you can use to understand them.

If you prefer something written, the translated text from Dall’agocchie’s treatise is copied below:

[Step 1] Then we could pose the case that you were arranged with your sword in coda lunga stretta, and that your enemy threw a mandritto to your head. You would proceed to parry it in guardia di faccia, advancing forward with your right foot, and thrust the point in his face all in one tempo, then immediately return your right foot back a pace, followed by a riverso sgualimbro, with which you’ll fix yourself in coda lunga alta.

[Step 2] Now, if you’re in the said guard, and he wants to throw an overhand thrust at you, you’ll pass forward with your right foot, making your left one follow it, and parry it with a mandritto sgualimbro and turn a riverso tondo to his face all in one tempo, followed by a riverso with which you’ll go into coda lunga stretta.

[Step 3] But if the enemy responds with a mandritto to your leg, you’ll protect yourself from that with the false edge of your sword, and turn two dritti tramazzone to his head in the same tempo, making the last one fall into porta di ferro stretta.

[Step 4] But if you’re in said guard and he turns a riverso to your upper body, you’ll parry it with a riverso sgualimbro, passing toward his right side in that tempo with your left foot, and advancing immediately with the right one, you’ll wound him with an imbroccata to his face, followed by a dritto tramazzone with which you’ll go into porta di ferro alta.

[Step 5] And if he throws a stoccata to your face, you’ll advance forward with your right foot and go with your sword into guardia d’entrare, joining your true edge onto the enemy’s sword all in one tempo, sticking the point into his chest. Having done which, you’ll draw your right foot back a pace, together with a dritto tramazzone, with which you’ll fix yourself in cinghiale porta di ferro.

[Step 6] Now if you find yourself in the said guard, and he responds to you with a mandritto, a riverso, or a thrust, against any one of these blows you can hit your true edge into the enemy’s sword, and then immediately pass forward with your right foot and stick an imbroccata into his chest followed by a dritto tramazzone with which you’ll settle yourself into porta di ferro larga.

[Step7] But if perchance he thrusts a punta riversa to your face in order to give you a mandritto tondo, you’ll hit the said thrust with your false edge. And when he turns the mandritto, you’ll immediately go into guardia di faccia with your sword, sticking your point into his face in that tempo, and for your shelter you’ll turn your right foot back a pace together with a riverso tramazzone with which you’ll go into coda lunga alta.

[Step 8] And being in the said guard, if he wants to wound you with a fendente to your head you’ll pass forward with your right foot, raising your sword into guardia di testa, and thereby you’ll protect yourself from it; but all in one tempo you’ll cast your left hand onto his sword from beneath your own, performing a grip on him and immediately giving him a mandritto to his head or leg, as you wish; having done which, you’ll return into coda lunga stretta.  

Steve Hodgson Memorial Tournament 2015 Announced!

It’s back, bigger and better than last year! Auckland Sword and Shield are holding the Steve Hodgson Memorial Tournament again in 2015. The date has been set for the 8th of August so circle the day in your calendars and start preparing. The tournament is open to all members of HEMA and re-enactment clubs in New Zealand and internationally.

The format will be similar to last year. It will feature four King-of-the-Hill (Franco-Belgian) contests with different weapons (sword, longsword, rapier, and spear).  A new spear contest has been added this year to cater for spear and quarterstaff aficionados.

The overall tournament champion will be the person with the greatest number of victories across all four contests. The more contests you enter, the better your chances.

Details for the tournament (times and rules etc) can be found here.

Finally, what could be better after a hard afternoons fighting than a hearty meal? Following the tournament will be the Steve Hodgson Memorial Feast. Tournament players and spectators are welcome to join the feast. Details here.