Memorial Tournament 2015 Results

Thank you to all those who participated in and helped out with the Steve Hodgson Memorial Tournament this year. We hope everyone had an enjoyable time.

Congratulations again to our tournament winners: Elisey (rapier), John (single-sword) and of course longsword, spear, and overall tournament champion Patch. Also, a huge thanks to our sponsor for donating to the prize pool!

For more photos, check out the tournament gallery.

Of course any event of this size requires some magic behind the scenes to make it all happen. The committee would like to thank the individuals below for their efforts to make the tournament a success:

  • Daniel, Hugh, AJ, Ben, Ange, David B (marshals and line judges – a tough job indeed)
  • Steve and Arna (catering)
  • Ellie and Dave (registration)
  • Roman (scorekeeper)

To everyone: we hope to see you all back again next year!

Memorial Tournament Photos

Here are some of the best photos from the Steve Hodgson Memorial tournament. Many thanks to all who participated and helped out. A big thanks goes to Ian Neilson who did a great job with the filming and photography. There are over 600 photos and if you want see all of them head on over to Ian’s web gallery.

Memorial Tournament Countdown!

Are you ready?

The Steve Hodgson Memorial Tournament takes place this Saturday.  For those of you planning to enter make sure you register online. This will help us with organisation on the day and reduce waiting times on Saturday morning.

We are expecting to get 30-40 combatants on the day from several clubs in the region including Auckland Sword and Shield, the Argent Lords, and the SCA. Don’t miss out – it’s a great opportunity for the clubs in the region to get together and demonstrate their skills.



Yes, we are playing for prizes and we have some good ones this year:

  • For the winner of the Sword section there is a AUD$125 voucher from the
  • For the winner of the Longsword section there is a AUD$125 voucher from the
  • For the winner of the Rapier section we have the book Italian Rapier Combat by Jared Kirby.
  • For the winner of the Spear section we have the book The Fighting Staff by Dwight C. McLemore.
  • For the overall champion there is a AUD$125 voucher from the

What Now?

If you want to enter and play for prizes – please register and then just make sure your weapons and gear are ready to go. We’ll Facebook and email more information later in the week.