Summer/Autumn Training Schedule

The summer/autumn training schedule has been decided and we have some more exciting courses for club members. Daniel’s staff course is due to finish this weekend so if you are a staff aficionado then make sure you get in on the last class.

Stage Combat – 5th and 12th of March

Ben has kindly volunteered to teach stage combat for a couple of weeks. It should be great fun and may be useful for those of you doing re-enactment displays. Bring your favourite weapon and learn how to act out a glorious death, among other things. Please note that this course will be taught at the trial venue.

Longsword – 17th March (9 weeks)

Yes! Longsword is back once again. This time we have irrepressible John instructing. If you have your own steel or or synthetic longsword please bring it along as we may run short during classes.  The first two classes of longsword will be taught at the trial venue and it will be a great test to see how the new place stacks up.


Beginner instruction will continue as usual but will start earlier at the trial venue. So come down at 10AM – we should be able to teach everyone at one time.

Coming Up…

Since we have a few new rapiers at the club we are seriously considering teach Capoferro’s rapier later this year. We’ll send out more information on this later.

New Venue to be Trialed from March 5th

After searching far and wide and putting the call out, the committee has found another possible venue for Sunday training. It’s a dance studio in Birkenhead that has around twice the space of the scout hall. It’s relatively central, parking should be OK on Sundays and there is room for us to put in a gear cupboard. They are not precious about the floor.

The plan is to do a 4 week trial (every Sunday in March) starting on the 5th. After the trial we will use the AGM in April to vote on whether we want to lease the dance studio on a regular basis. The start of the trial just happens to coincide with the start of John’s longsword course.

If you aren’t attending training regularly please make sure you come down for at least one of the Sunday training sessions so you can make an informed decision at the AGM. More information and reminders to come soon…


Monomachia next Weekend

This is a reminder that the Monomachia tournament run by the Waikato Duellists Society is on Saturday next weekend (the 25th) we would like to encourage club members to head down and enjoy the festivities. All skill levels are welcome and while it is predominantly steel there is synthetic section as well for all you proponents of plastic!

Nic and Silver from the WDS came up for our tournament last year, they are great guys and good sports. It is should be a good day, the event is indoors so weather won’t be a problem and your registration fee includes lunch and refreshments. We have around 4-5 members going already. It is a great opportunity to spar against people using very different styles than we are used to at the club.

If you want to go and haven’t registered yet go to the Facebook event page and let them know you are coming.