New Training Venue Found!

After over 2 years of looking and numerous trials, the club has found a new venue for Sunday training. The new venue is the Takapuna Normal Intermediate School (26 Northcote Road – enter from Taharoto Road).

It’s very handy to the motorway and along with it being a larger space there is also plenty of parking, storage, and outside areas that can be used.

Our plan is to be there for the next 6 months at least so there will be no confusion about the location from now on. We will be at Takapuna Normal from the 25th of June till the end of the year and perhaps longer.


Memorial Tournament 2017 Registration Now Open

The Steve Hodgson Memorial Tournament is the biggest HEMA competition in NZ. This years marks the 10th Anniversary of Steve’s passing. It is also the 30 year anniversary of the club.

Last year’s tournament was a great success and we aren’t messing with things. We are keeping the same events and format of last year’s tournament and working hard to improve the judging and the scoring system this year.

This tournament is geared to put fun, participation, and demonstration of skills ahead of winning at all costs. Novice players are encouraged to enter to improve their skills fighting under pressure and to encounter fighting styles from multiple clubs. Experienced players are encouraged to demonstrate their skills and technique while resisting the urge to ‘play it safe’.


Winter Training Schedule

The winter training schedule for the club is as follows:


Beginners training will continue on Sundays from 10AM-12PM with sparring from 12-1PM. The venue will be Kumgang Taekwondo at 35 Porana Road for the 11th and 18th of June. From the 25th it will likely still be Porana Road but please check the website for updates.

Capoferro’s Rapier – 11th June till September

Proponents of Italian fencing rejoice! Discover how to ‘find’ your opponent’s sword, perform a ‘butchering’, and the deadly simplicity of the ‘one true guard’.

Starting on the June 11th, Roger and Ange will be teaching an interpretation of Capoferro’s Rapier. Please bring your rapier if you have one. If you don’t have one we will be using the club’s longswords as an acceptable alternative. After 8 weeks of Capoferro you will have quads of steel and perhaps be able to reliably hit a postage stamp on a wall with your point.

Tournament Training

The tournament is not far away now and we will be using sparring time to train judges. You will also have plenty of opportunities to improve your sparring skills at the same time. All sparring will be done with judges so members can get used to judging and also get used to having bouts judged.