HEMA Tournaments 2018

August 18, 2018 @ 9:00 AM – August 19, 2018 @ 2:30 PM
Albany Junior High School
19 Appleby Rd
Albany, Auckland 0632
New Zealand
Roger Kay


A Weekend of HEMA

Auckland Sword and Shield are bringing together an awesome HEMA event for the weekend of the 18th and 19th of August.

It will consist of the Memorial Tournament on Saturday and follows more or less the same format as last year. On the Sunday we have a new tournament called “The Provocation” where we invite champions from HEMA clubs across NZ and put them in a ring to decide which club trains the best HEMA practitioners in NZ.

The Memorial Tournament

The Steve Hodgson Memorial tournament is geared to put fun, participation, and demonstration of skills ahead of winning at all costs. Novice players are encouraged to enter to improve their skills fighting under pressure and to encounter fighting styles from multiple clubs. Experienced players are encouraged to demonstrate their skills and technique while resisting the urge to ‘play it safe’.

The person who does the best in 3 events will be awarded the Steve Hodgson Trophy. It’s currently held by Michael Scott  from Auckland Sword and Shield. So come along and see how you measure up to some of the best HEMA practitioners in NZ.

If you enter the Memorial Tournament you are able to select 3 sections you can fight in. In each section you will get at least 3 matches (more if you win a couple).  This year we are replacing the Rapier section with a Mixed Weapon section where you are able to select from a variety of (synthetic) weapons and sidearms. Rapier and dagger anyone, or perhaps Sword and Buckler is more your style…

Don’t be too worried if you are eliminated quickly – there will be lots of people to talk to and activities to keep you entertained until your next competition.

If you like fighting with Sword and Shield we will be running a tournament on Sunday morning.


  • Synthetic Sidesword
  • Steel Single Sword
  • Tournament Beginners Competition (run concurrently with steel single sword)
  • Synthetic Longsword (with steel option)
  • Spear
  • Synthetic Mixed Weapon

See the rules for approximate section starting times.


  • Sword and Shield Tournament (informal but judged)
  • HEMA Games (mostly fun and not too serious)

The Provocation 2018

We’ve decided to postpone The Provocation tournament until next year – unfortunately the time pressures of running two tournaments  has gotten the better of us.  Auckland Sword and Shield still very keen on the concept and we will be keen to talk to members of other clubs about what they’d like to see next year.

What Else?

Competitions start at 9am on both days and run to 5pm on Saturday and 2pm on Sunday.

The cost to enter is just $35 for both days and includes lunch both days. There is plenty of free parking in the school grounds.

To enter the tournament please register online. You can enter on the day but it will cost $10 more and it’ll take longer since you’ll need to fill out paper forms etc.


Steve Hodgson Tournament Rules 2018 V3
Steve Hodgson Tournament Rules 2018 V3
Version: 3
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